SensorTransport February 2019 Newsletter

We are feeling the love here at SensorTransport, and it’s not just because of Valentine’s Day ūüôā Record deals, new apps, and fun events.

February Newsletter

FEBRUARY 5, 2019

New Year, New Sales Record!


January started off with a boom as six new clients signed agreements kicking off the largest implementation effort to date. New shippers include:

  • Top 5 Residential Big Box Delivery¬†will bring 1500+ independent drivers onto the network with capability to serve the growing $1.8B TAM of large box residential delivery
  • XVC Trucking: ¬†Based in Manila, XVC is our first customer in Asia. ¬†They will implement sensor-based deliveries for their customers: Nestle and Procter & Gamble
  • WineAccess: Importing high value wine from Europe
  • 4PL Based in India: ¬†Working with one of the world’s largest Agriculture companies to ensure corn is not damaged by humidity during transit
  • Rondo-Korber: Developing a ‚Äúsmart-case‚ÄĚ for Pharmaceuticals
  • TransShip: An online platform serving Food & Beverage logistics

The engagement team is working at full steam to get these new customers live and transacting.

Events: BGSA Supply Chain Summit


Our CFO Annika presented successfully at the BGSA Supply Chain summit amidst 6 other startup companies. The summit, which brings together the top C-level from North American Transportation companies is an invitation-only yearly event held in Palm Beach. Focusing on the last mile solution and how to help our customers control the delivery moment, the positive feedback on the pitch from judges and audience alike supported her professionalism, competency and industry experience. Annika met with some new contacts, both customers and investors alike. Brand awareness is growing!

bgsa shark tank
The buzz around the event was focused on last mile delivery.¬†We learned that Walmart pays their drivers $100K per year to ensure good deliveries! That is $60K above the national average! The question on everyone’s mind was, “How do we achieve consistent and excellent proof of delivery?” Thankfully, we were there to answer this question ūüôā

image-2*graph courtesy of Ben Gordon at Cambridge Capital/BGSA

Product News


Top 10 Pharmaceutical completes a comprehensive “SaaS Assessment Review Finding Report” of the SensorTransport platform. With this milestone, we are cleared to move forward with a real-world trial. Pharmaceutical has an urgent need for sensor monitoring during transit due to the rise in new drugs called biologics (which are temperature sensitive). ¬†In a review of our sensor agnostic platform, the Pharma customer declared that SensorTransport would make their sensor strategy ‚Äúfuture proof‚ÄĚ meaning they see important value in the ability to incorporate new sensors onto the platform.




We found some interesting news this month:

Big growth in eCommerce means a bigger demand for truckers!


We got another shoutout from JOC:

Our Blog post about our new SenTra Logistics App:

Our CFO Annika was Interviewed by German Transport Magazine Deutsche Verkehrs Zeitung:

Annika also got a shoutout from Ben Gordon from Cambridge Capital LLC/BG Strategic Advisors:

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