April 2019 Newsletter

SensorTransport April 2019 Newsletter Spring is off to an exciting start with our new White Glove Delivery app functionalities and rollout with Estes Final Mile. Read more! DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE April Newsletter APRIL 02, 2019 New, Multi-Year Deal with Estes Final Mile! ONE OF N. AMERICA'S BEST WILL BE RUNNING ON OUR PLATFORM [...]

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March 2019 Newsletter

SensorTransport March 2019 Newsletter SensorTransport is making deals and making headlines at TPM: new customers and new SenTra App features! DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE March Newsletter MARCH 5, 2019 February may have been a short month, but we weren't short on our accomplishments! We just finished rolling out new SenTra App and Command Console [...]

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February 2019 Newsletter

SensorTransport February 2019 Newsletter We are feeling the love here at SensorTransport, and it's not just because of Valentine's Day :) Record deals, new apps, and fun events. DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE February Newsletter FEBRUARY 5, 2019 New Year, New Sales Record! 6 NEW DEALS CLOSED IN JANUARY January started off with a boom [...]

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